This is an image of an open bible sitting on a table, a chair is pushed back, and the shadow from a nearby window falls across it.

IBCM was founded in 1997 as a non-profit corporation.

At the time of our founding, our primary goal was to provide financial support to English-speaking Baptist churches who were affiliated with the European Baptist Convention. Today, the European Baptist Convention is known as the International Baptist Convention and has moved beyond the borders of Europe. In the last several years, we have also expanded our support to include churches in Latin America and Asia.

Our mission is clear:

"To present the Gospel to all persons with the goal of bringing them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to form local congregations for the Christian nurturing of those who respond."

IBCM is funded by its members and other mission-minded individuals and their financial contributions. Through this generosity, IBCM is able to support these churches who continue to teach all who are willing to learn about Christ’s redeeming love.

Every year that the contributions we receive grow, our contributions and the number of churches that IBCM can support grows as well. Over time, we have found paths to lower our administration costs.  This increases the money that we have to put towards our mission. IBCM has committed itself to be a good steward of God's money and we look to put as much as possible into the field.

We invite you to share in our mission

IBCM continues to strive towards growth in the churches and ministries that we serve, toward growth in our membership, and the growth in donations that we receive. We are reaching more people for Christ and making a difference around the world. We would like you to join us on our mission, either as a member or through a donation to our purpose. Together we can make a difference!