A Word from our Former President – Terry Carter

Welcome to IBCM!  Our new president is Linda Bolton.  She and her husband, David, were members of IBC churches in Germany and England, and have been involved in international missions for many years.  She will write a formal greeting to you soon.

Prior to Linda’s election, I had the privilege of serving two terms as President of IBCM’s Board of Directors. I continue to support the very important ministry of international English speaking churches connected to the International Baptist Convention.  I began my relationship with this unique ministry when my wife, Kathy, and I were called to serve at Immanuel Baptist Church in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1984.  That experience changed our lives and introduced us to a worldwide need for churches like Immanuel where English is spoken by natives and expats alike.  Since then we have taken advantage of opportunities to serve short term in the German cities of Stuttgart, Oberusel, and Dusseldorf and in Waterloo, Belgium.  These churches and others like them are sharing the good news of Jesus using English language as the means.

In July 2014 Kathy and I will return to IBC’s incredible Interlaken experience in Switzerland.  Many of you have attended this conference, which last year celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary.  Once again I will lead two conferences related to Church History and International Missions.

The IBCM is an organization that thrives on the involvement of individuals and churches who share the vision and purpose of the organization.  We define that purpose as “presenting the Gospel to all persons with the goal of bringing them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to form local congregations for the Christian nurture of those who respond.”  We fulfill our goal by aiding international Baptist churches around the world.   Please consider joining us in our endeavor.  We also invite international Baptist churches to partner with us allowing us more resources to churches with special needs.

Please pray for our organization and the churches we support that God will bless the work.  Please join us in our task!