5 Great Ways to Be On Mission with the IBCM

Some people who hear about the International Baptist Church Ministries (IBCM) may wonder its purpose. The IBCM is a missions-supporting organization, an American 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry. As such, some may wonder what distinguishes the IBCM from other mission organizations. They may also wonder if it is worth the effort to be part of the IBCM. Let me share with you five great ways to be on mission with the IBCM.

1. Join the IBCM to stay connected with the International Baptist Convention

Americans who are members of any church in the International Baptist Convention (IBC) can give to their church through the IBCM. The money given will go directly to the church. Americans who return to the United States can stay connected to their church in the IBC through the IBCM. The IBCM is a partner ministry of the International Baptist Convention. We support the work of the IBC. During the annual meeting, we connect with one another and hear about the work of the IBC.

2. Participate with IBCM to stay aware of missions opportunities with the IBC

IBCM is aware of missions opportunities in the IBC. IBCM can keep you informed of possible mission opportunities that you can take part in. The IBCM maintains a Facebook page, as well as a website. As a member, you can stay up on all of the mission opportunities during the annual meeting. The IBCM meets during on weekend the first quarter of each calendar year. The next Annual Meeting will meet on February 22-24, 2019 at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Riley Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Yearly membership dues are $25 with special discounts for the lifetime and senior citizen members.

3. Give donations through the IBCM that helps IBC churches

When you give to the IBCM, your annual dues (and any additional money you donate) goes to fund grants to churches. These grants are used at the request of IBC churches for various opportunities. These grants help IBC churches with building projects travel for pastors and leaders in training events and other needs that assist IBC churches.

4. Give to the IBCM Endowment Fund to keep the IBCM a constant partner with the IBC in its work

In 2015, the IBCM created the IBCM Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund is designed to provide for the future of the IBCM. When you give to the Endowment Fund, you are making an investment in the future of the IBCM. Your gift will help the IBCM stay a partner with the IBC.

5. Spread the word about IBCM to spread awareness of English-language international missions.

Another great way to be on mission with the IBCM is to spread the word. When you tell others about the IBCM, you share the story of English-language international missions. Perhaps you have a personal history with an English-language international church. Maybe you were in one of the churches when they were part of the European Baptist Convention. When you join the IBCM and share your experience, you get to help a new generation be on mission.