2016 Letter from the President – Dennis Jackson

One of the perfect characteristics of God is that He is immutable—unchanging.  He is totally dependable, perfectly reliable, a God who keeps His promises.  Malachi 3:6 says that we are preserved because God does not change!

I ‘m grateful that God doesn’t change, that He is perfect in every respect.  Most of us have probably noticed that change seems to be the order of the day in this world.  The dynamics and complexities of an ever-changing society and the progressive inclinations of our culture create challenges full of uncertainty, turmoil, and doubt.

We have discussed some of these challenges at recent IBCM meetings.  The persistent question seems to be “What next?”   Larry Jones, IBCM’s Executive Secretary, has addressed this in his letters to the membership and our board of directors.  Jimmy Martin perennially reports the changes he sees from his chair as the General Secretary of the International Baptist Convention, with an eye to adjustments required in light of change.

Recent membership dynamics and changes in the composition of IBC churches prompted IBCM in 2015 to modestly raise its administrative fee charged to churches to 1.5%.  The Board carefully deliberated over this decision, in spite of the fact that the increase was very small and the fee still well below what any commercial entity would charge.  This action is just one instance of how change continues to affect our organization.

Last Fall, the IBCM Board of Directors began to consider adjustments necessary to maintain IBCM’s effectiveness in supporting the IBC and supported churches worldwide.  We reviewed our vision and purpose statements and began an informal assessment of our strategic plan.  This year we have formalized that process with the creation of a three-member assessment team selected from within the Board of Directors.  Our intent is that this team—Jim Brandt, Darryl Evetts, and Dan Marshall—will meet over the summer to review each of our organizational documents and develop recommendations to the IBCM Board.  I already am grateful to Jim, Darryl and Dan for their willingness and commitment to this effort.  Larry Jones will participate to provide oversight and feedback to the team   Larry and I will keep you informed of our progress in this matter.

Our Board requests that you would pray daily for IBCM and the IBC; that you would consider how you might use the resources God has given you in support of IBCM and IBC churches worldwide; that you would prompt your network—in New Testament terminology, your “oikos”…your sphere of influence—to prayerfully consider IBCM membership and support.

As the Lord preserves us, may we glorify Him in the decisions we make!

Grace to you,

Denny Jackson

President, IBCM