Does your Ministry need our help?

Grant Information

and How to Apply

The IBCM logo in this image, is surrounded by a funnel of international flags,

International Baptist Church Ministries exists to provide financial support to qualifying, international, English-language churches. Our Board considers churches and ministries that meet our criteria and submit a completed grant application. IBCM does not distribute any funds, donations, or grants without an approved grant application. Approved grant applications remain valid until the next IBCM Annual Meeting (January/February each year), up to a maximum of one year. Each church must resubmit their grant application every year.

What are our criteria?

  • Every recipient of an IBCM grant must be a Christian ministry
  • Your church/ministry must be baptistic in faith & order
  • Your church/ministry must be a legal entity or have direct ties to a legal ministry (e.g., a member church of the International Baptist Convention)
  • The church/ministry agrees to use grants of gifts from IBCM in ways that are consistent with the purpose of IBCM (as expressed in Article 4 of the Articles of Incorporation). In turn, it must agree not to distribute the funds to organizations, which are not explicitly approved by IBCM
  • All recipients agree to report the use of funds on an annual basis. This may include onsite visits by IBCM representatives

Completed applications can be emailed to or mailed to PO Box 833276, Richardson, TX 75083.