About Us

International Baptist Church Ministries (IBCM) was founded in 1997, as a non-profit corporation, whose primary goal was to provide financial support to English-speaking Baptist churches affiliated with the European Baptist Convention (now the International Baptist Convention). In the last several years, IBCM’s support has expanded to churches in Latin America and Asia.

IBCM’s purpose is “to present the Gospel to all persons with the goal of bringing them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to form local congregations for the Christian nurture of those who respond.” Through the financial contributions of members and other mission-minded individuals, IBCM is able to support these churches and thus continue the teaching of all who are willing to learn about Christ’s redeeming love.

The number of churches IBCM supports grows each year, as does the amount of contributions received and dispersed. Yet, the percentage of money spent on IBCM’s administrative costs has dropped. IBCM is committed to being good stewards of God’s money and to putting as much as possible into the mission field.

IBCM is governed by a Board of Directors. The Directors serve 3-year terms and may serve only 2 consecutive terms. Three Directors rotate off the Board each year, with elections of new Board Members held at IBCM’s Annual Meeting. If you are interested in serving on the Board or suggesting a candidate to the Nominating Committee, please email IBCM at info@ibcmworld.org. Please note that all Board Nominees must be current IBCM Members.

IBCM continues to strive towards growth in churches/ministries served, toward growth in membership, and toward growth in donations received, all to the purpose of reaching more people for Christ. We are making a difference in churches around the world. Join us on this mission!


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